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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

New barn Owl!!!!

No Crafting today....I must do some tomorrow, I have a wedding on Thursday and still haven't made the card....lol...Instead of crafting today, the sun was out and it was so nice out,mum,Becky and I went for a walk around Bryngarw Park....its a beautiful place, lovely gardens and a grande old house, but my favourite is the Japanese garden with the bridge over the pond, the little houses and all the gorgeous plants...really fab day...
But the big news is we have a new member of the family....he arrived yesterday,he is a bit shy but give him a couple of days and he will be settled in...he is a gorgeous barn owl, very white with a touch of tan around his head and on his wings....Rebecca has named him Screech because he makes a noise like escaping gas....a sort of prolonged hisss....anyway as soon as he is settled in I will take some photos of him so you can all see....



Max said...

Ooooh how exciting Rachel. Can't wait to see the photos.


torpenhow07 said...

Welcome screech, can't wait to see photos, how exciting