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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Busy in the garden at the moment, potatos are chitting on the windowsill waiting to be planted, I have planted the garlic already and dug up the last of the parsnips. I am hoping the coldframes are warming up so I can plant some lettuce seeds and start some peas off..
Its mostly tidying up at the moment, fixing fences, painting the shed and willing the spring to really start. The daffs are out and the bluebells are flowering.
The chickens have been laying reguarly for a few weeks now and we have moved their house to greener pastures so we can reseed the grass where they have been.
Bought most of my seeds on the weekend but will need to get some courgette plants, I can't seem to grow them from seed but last year I bought some small plants and they were fab, i put them in the ground and by the end of the summer they were like trees, had loads of courgettes..

Had a baking frenzy last weekend, baked bread and cakes and lots of them, had to bake more today though, I think a plague of locusts ran through the house and demolished the lot...or it could have just been Kim and the girls..

Well I must be off now, into the garden before it gets dark,see what else I can do today..
As its nearly St Patricks day, I will be posting a list of all the places you can find me passed out...heeehee!!

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