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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Beautiful weather

Gorgeous day today, it was so warm at lunch time that a few of us in work sat outside among the daffs and ate our lunch....doesn't it just make you feel happy, everyone smiles and talks to each other...started to tidy up the herb garden today, the sage, mint , rosemary and lemon thyme have all survived nicely, I need to plant some parsley and chives and a few others but not quite sure yet what to plant, any suggestions would be great..
We took the dog out for a lovely walk after work, gorgeous views of the beach but forgot the camera, must remember to take it next time..
Busy sewing and watching The Good Life this evening, will post some pics tomorow..
Almost forgot, got five bags of horse manure today, my rhubarb is going to love it..

Take Care ..x

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Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Hi Rachel,
how are you?
Not been on for ages,so had to have wee peek to see your blog,its looking great
luv Maureen