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Monday, 15 June 2009

Two Challenge Cards

Haven't done a lot of crafting this week, mainly due to the suffering of hayfever...I hate it, makes me want to rip my head off in frustration...I can't see due to runny eyes ,I can't breathe due to snotty nose and then to top it all everyone decides to mow their lawns..inconsiderate so and so's...thats my winge over for today...I need to find stronger drugs I think, to banish this hayfever forever..
This is my entry for the picnic challenge over on the cb forum, this is my picnic in Mr McGregor's garden....it is a cross between a card and wall hanging, Rebecca made me add ribbon to hang it up when finished with...I think it was a hint to pinch it for her room..
This is my entry for the male card with a twist challenge over on the cb forum, the twist was to put a flower on there somewhere...and I added some pink just incase...

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Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Awwww Rachel,wowweeee your cards,mind think like your daughter,1st one is more like wall hanger!! are so pretty and cute.love them both,how cute is that wee dog!! Good luck with your challenges.
Luv Maureen xx