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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I am back and up and running, hopefully...will be posting new makes and whatnots shortly...I haven't made anything realy since before Christmas, my mum and dad moved to Aberaeron to retire and build a bungalow....so I have been back and fore with them ,sorting things out, but the bungalow is nearly finished and my mojo has come back...so watch this space....thankyou for wondering where and how I am...
I am running with scissors again so I must be fine...xxx



jackiescrafts said...

Glad you are going to have time to craft again Rachel, you have had a busy time recently by the sound of things

Hugs Jackie x

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Hi Rachel,
long time no chat lol,not been on much lately,so trying to check out blogs I always enjoyed,your blog is still looking fab..
Hope you and family are well?
Luv Maureen x

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Hi Rachel,
you have been busy,you moved yet?
miss seeing you around.Hope you and family are all well Take care Luv Maureen x